The MAIZ CLUTCH is inspired by maiz or corn, which is a source of nourishment and power for our artisans. Whether it be the benefits of a corn crop harvest, hand making tortillas, or recounting the story of creation of the Mayan people from corn to their children maiz is part of everyday for our artisans. 

Where do you find nourishment?

  • Cotton cloth is woven on a backstrap loom by one of our fearless artisans

  • Fits cellphone, eReader, Passion Red lipstick, journal, black tourmaline stone (grounding + protection), keys, colored pencils, and a couple more of your favorite bits and pieces!

  • Leather wristlet

  • Inner pockets

  • Metal YKK Zipper

  • 10.75" x 7"

Your purchase is powerful and directly supports artisans and community members through dignified wages, scholarships, and community investment programs.

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